Guild Wars 2

Your teammates will start the attack from the enemy’s rear

To utilize combo, engineers with elements combo making machine, EX: 4 smoke bombs flame, and then cut the Pharmacy gun trigger the treatment ring open elite recharge, can be a trigger combo, the other combo can play like the challenge of hand speed players should play quite like this Guild Wars 2 Gold.If you do not like the two guns or bombs can be replaced by other options, features look like small change with fitted on its own game slowly feel it!

Proficient in your skills. I am in guild wars 2 main is to play keeper, when I run out of the wall reflection of the enemy ranged attack, all the enemy will flush at me, that feeling was super despair. But my teammates will start the attack from the enemy’s rear, I for they create the opportunity. Therefore, the use of skills skills is very important. Even if you can use skill is very good, but sometimes will make you very busy, so be sure to mastering your skills.

Don’t give up. A team in the land will always have a run-in time, so when you don’t feel depressed after group out, don’t give up, GW2 Gold you have to do is — continue to fight! When an enemy has been pushed to, if you had been on the floor, don’t give up, to continue on the ground stone hit it. For the sake of you on the floor, you can absorb more damage and won’t die, so to do so is completely possible.

Keep moving. It seems to be obvious, and this idea also have been found in many games. Like of BOSS war, each participating players must always pay attention to your position, or will some factors have hurt. This is beyond the classic “don’t stand in the fire” tip; Usually monster in before AOE will have a red circle, this time you have to according to the different monster attack mode and their own skills and so on to consider, and avoid the a attack.