Guild Wars 2

What is a living story in Guild Wars 2

Living story team work is to inject vitality of the entire world.Based on a sustainable development of the world, we will publish a series of story lines, these stories will bring you a new role of the hero, the mysterious storyline and dramatic moments to influence the world.

You will find a new dynamic event, there are some changes Tyria, and you will have the opportunity to get involved to make history.
If you like interactive stories, found interesting Tyria residents, the content is designed for you. This is designed to change the world, to enhance the storytelling and game challenging content. These contents are all sitting not to upgrade your character, you will find yourself more frequently Login to take a look at the story of how to develop into! (Do not say I did not warn you. Hey.) (In front of the brackets is the original author Tucao. The I Tucao, this cargo wretched look).

Living story short (duration), but it is a permanent (change the world). Story prelude, once opened, will soon develop. Every part of the Living story can participate only in a specific time, but it will affect the entire world, and the people living there. Living story will give them leave marks, flowers or tears, and these trauma or blessings are permanent.