Guild Wars 2

NCsoft announced 12-year Q4 earnings optimistic about Guild Wars 2

Korea NCsoft Corporation today announced the company’s fourth quarter and full year earnings, due to the force of the second half of the “sword of the Spirit” and “Guild Wars 2” performance, the company’s sales to create a new record high in history.

Q4 2012, NCsoft sales of 283.4 billion won (U.S. $ 1.62 billion RMB), operating profit of 113.2 billion won (about 648 million RMB), the current net profit of 101.9 billion won (about $ 583 million RMB), three indicators The annual maximum.

In 2012 as a whole, NCsoft annual sales of 753.5 billion won (U.S. $ 4.316 billion RMB), operating profit of 151.3 billion won (about 867 million RMB), the current net profit of 153.7 billion won (about 880 million RMB) an increase of 24% compared to 11 sales, operating profit increased by 11%, Net income increased by 31%. NC said that 13 years of overall turnover is expected to reach 790 billion won (about $ 45.2RMB).

Sales in all regions of the world, South Korea with 121.5 billion won in the first place, the U.S. market ranked second with 70.9 billion won the European region to 51.3 billion won and 20.7 billion won in Japan, China Taiwan for 2.1 billion won, the other The region is integrated into the 16.8 billion won. Product classification, “paradise” to 64.9 billion won stable NCsoft Korean domestic sales champion, “paradise” compared with 16.5 billion won, “Aion” to 25.1 billion won, the “sword of the Spirit” six months to create a 26.9 billion won good grades, and the U.S. and European markets, “Guild Wars 2” sold 119 billion won, the other casual game sales of 14.2 billion won.

“Paradise” through the mass update each quarter over 2011 sales improved 62%, and “Guild Wars 2” in the fourth quarter as NCsoft contribute significantly to.