Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 each player can have in the game own kingdom.

The so-called “home copy”, “Guild Wars 2”, all players can have their own exclusive copy in the main city area. This area is within the framework of the city, including housing (or similar racial residence), neighborhoods, commercial areas, it can be said, “home copy” “Guild Wars 2” each player can have in the game own kingdom.

Role in the game’s development, constantly improve personal epic “home copy” will gradually change, will gradually special NPC and businessmen, these NPC you encounter in the course of the game and NPC to make over the decision. Different roles, different experiences determines the increase in the home a copy of “NPC is different, which means you will see in the other person’s” home copy “and own a completely different world. And to build the basic elements of this world, is your basic experience in the game.