Guild Wars 2

Particularly among the the Mesmer most popular in Guild Wars 2

The Mesmer “said” Guild Wars 2 “game the most mysterious, unique occupational setting is also different from other games Guild Wars 2 Gold. As the name suggests, Mesmer is fighting for its strong and varied illusionist, whether avatar, Mirage or virtual image magic are illusionist’s forte. It can be said that in the battle with Mesmer, you will easily begin to doubt their eyes.

Curtain and transmission channels: shadowy is the essence of Mesmer. Curtain groups stealth effect and the short distance of the transmission channel instantly transfer effect, let Mesmer freely enter and free to disappear or appear on the battlefield. Mesmer gives the feeling more like a mage-assassin commanders and high mobility.

Spiritual destruction and chaos storm: a large team fighting killing machine as the the Mesmer main output skills, spiritual destruction and chaos storm have terrible burst damage, and has the objective range killing capacity. In group operations, with the Mesmer flowing illusionist ability to cut into the battlefield Gold, by giving the rear output to a devastating blow, absolutely can let Mesmer become killing machines in large teams battle.

The Phantom: Mesmer core skills The Phantom talking about here is not just random summon several Mesmer images is so simple, but produce different results depending on the weapon used by the illusionist. Mirage divided into avatar and virtual image, like the effect brought about by the skills of different weapons case using the avatar and virtual Cheap GW2 Gold, these Mirage have a strong attack, or a variety of attacks, and let you in always a double team, and Mesmer fighting, and even the feeling of siege.

Overall, Mesmer this career that is full of color dream, can attack to defend, elegant Smart, as to how to interpret this amazing career, but also we all work together to discover.