Guild Wars 2

Pets also can cause more Guild Wars 2 gold

Maybe it’s not a huge issue for some Guild Wars 2 gold players now because they can still find a CoF group without being a warrior or mesmer. However, this being a problem in the future if every dungeon or high-level content turns into this and you just didn’t happen to have a geared level 80 for the run.

Do you think is this a good direction the game is going in? Was this inevitable? Should Anet do anything about this?

When you play Guild Wars 2 game, and during your farming some CoF, you may find that many people are looking for “4 zerker warrior one mesmer p1 speed clears”. For now, it seems like CoF as the only place where people are looking for professional specific team builds.

Pets also can cause more Gold. This BUILD, though good, but I still hope to have more rangers BUILD, replace the current dominance of the case.Complain of ranger is not A few, but it can’t stop let rangers A club continue to be strong. At present more popular is pile treatment ability, damage symptoms and defense force, ranger is suitable for talent choose the survival and the development of the pet line, which allows players to live longer,

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Obviously this was quite common in GW1with the dungeons and FoW and such, but I’m pretty sure Anet was going for a “no professional discrimination” approach to GW2.