Guild Wars 2

Why did you choose to Guild Wars 2 gold

I understand the first section of GW1 itself is not a traditional massively multiplayer online game; a large copy of the system’s made the application server operating easier. Cheap GW2 Gold.But this system makes players often feel lonely; the game is more like a stand-alone game. No wild things in the game can unite players together.

This is the importance why the sequel to become a large open multiplayer online game. This is able to reflect the essence of the design of online social game. A large-scale online games should always have the company of other players, and you can work together to explore the world.

My most dissatisfaction thing about GW1 is only one race, and that is mankind, we are human in real life play, I would rather to play the same in the game. The four new races in GW2 make the huge change. Each race should have a unique culture, social systems, beliefs and style. People with different tastes can find their interest in the race without Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, for which I am very pleased.

Here, I pay tribute to the Guild Wars, which has the most beautiful game I have ever played. The art team both on the concept set or performs to achieve the ultimate. The landscape of the world and the role of setting can be called a visual feast. But the GW2 new screen turned completely beyond the old work to make it completely dwarfs.

Now I talk about system of addictive staining. Old also has colorings, but I rarely see them. They occasionally fall, and can also be purchased in the merchant, but I always feel that they are too expensive and not worth my efforts to obtain them. Guild Wars 2 not only has a wide range of colors, also the staining system and Pokémon collect pets addictive. At the beginning of the game, you only have a small part of the color, but you can adventure to produce their own or find more color. Every time you unlock a new color, it will always belong to you. You can continue to try new color combinations, without regard to the price (Guild wars 2 gold) problem.