Guild Wars 2

Important rule for Guild Wars 2 before it is officially released

As a video game player, you might wish there was a secret book for the whole game’s designing and playing guides?some big Crocker-style book with chapters like “secrets about Guild Wars 2 Gold the combat system” and “golden rules of farming system.” And then what you have to do is just to script the book and be the first one that conquered the whole game.

But the truth is that you can’t get that kind of books and the online world is a lot like the real world. It’s messy business. It’s organic. It’s chaotic. In fact, the mental space in which the game makers created is different from moment to moment with assumptions and extrapolations piling into a confusing tangle that only your gut has time to sort out. It’s like a turbulent ocean storm of ideas, processes, people, and collaboration. The same is true with the game of Guild Wars 2.
You can’t get the secrets of the game, but through many times’ betas and tests, we can indeed summarize some important rules for the game. This is about the UI. The Cheap GW2 Gold UI of Guild Wars 2 is a balance of the information you need right now, the information you need sometimes, and the information you are getting contextually based on what is going on.

Because the information I need in those categories differs from what you need at any given moment, the one common thing we both need out of the experience is for it to be visceral and intuitive. And that isn’t achieved by covering your screen with more screens. Therefore, this enables us to focus our resources on the most important game elements we want to make great.

The result is a game that has a consistent quality bar, and thus a consistent feel. If any feature isn’t going to be able to meet that bar without hurting something else, then it needs to go for the GW2 gold sake of the greater whole. It’s a vicious jungle those little features live and die in.