Guild Wars 2

Cheap GW2 Gold Combat And Skills Experience

“Guild Wars 2” recently conducted a final test,we would also like to take this opportunity to experience this annual game. Here is my experience of fighting in the game and skills.

“Guild Wars2” has changed the tradition of Europe and the United States online games slow RPG, fighting games use non-targeted attacks, you do not need targeting to Cheap GW2 Gold display their skills. Another game tumbling skills, and easier for you to dodge enemy attacks.

Smooth game fighting action as well as real and not exaggerated to combat a sense of immediately Shuaixia to ordinary online games is a far cry, but even the best blow still excellent skills to assist the skill system in Guild Wars 2 “is the combat experience to a higher-level key.

Each class can choose various types of weapons, weapons decided character skills, such as your equipment handed sword, that your skills will include Cleave Whirlwind so the Guild Wars 2 power leveling of a strong, but when you replace the Staff Guild Wars 2 Gold your skills are natural magic skills.

After 10, you can switch between the kinds of weapons, easy to deal with different battle.

In the game, the soldiers can be equipped with a shotgun as the hunter, the guardian can be equipped with Staff to become a remote Master, you might say that this is not wonderful? Yes, this is the Cheap GW2 Gold game to be advocated, and go its own way, to let others speak.

Five kinds of weapons skills of each weapon, if it is the main deputy, the main hand and a deputy, a total of five skills, this may be too small for some people, but the “Guild Wars2” action sequences, do not need to do imaging of Warcraft as a professional Guild Wars 2 Gold there are dozens of skills. Weapon skills as you keep fighting slowly unlock, five kinds of skills will soon be able to Unlock All.

Another good set is the professional skills can be combined to form a new effect, such as the Master of the Ice Storm and the soldiers booms skills can help them get to his teammates and the effect of frost shields.