Guild Wars 2

The future direction of the game PVP is to enter the E-Sport

PVP online game has always been a very popular element, whether it is a  first person shooter, real-time strategy, role-playing, the rivalry  between the player and the player has become an integral part of the  game elements, which cover a wide range of people lineon role-playing , increasing the degree of great importance to PVP. Developed  by ArenaNet MMORPG “Guild Wars 2 will be established in the base of  the” battle “PVP, draw on the experience of the previous generation,  and expand multi-PVP mode, players a brand new PVP experience.

“Guild Wars 2 “the future development of the PVP

In order to meet the needs of all players in Guild Wars 2 power leveling, PVP part  contains the structure of war and world war, especially the structure  of warfare by the PVP players attention. The structure of war, the  level of the players will be directly upgraded to 80 and so on, and  give all the s”kills, the characteristic points, equipment and Cheap GW2 Gold weapons, they can buy many kinds of enchants with different PVP style. This  means that even if the players create just finished the role of  structure can immediately join the war, skipping the middle of the  preparation process, to facilitate the players to test different  occupations and skill sets.

Will enter the field of E-Sport

Casual gamers to the rapid accession of PVP pipe I, the development of  Guild Wars 2 will turn their attention to gaming , not only to  organize monthly annual event, but also planning to construct the gaming community. The ArenaNet Chief PVP master chief game designer  Jonathan Sharp and the John Carpening in the interview before 5v5  competitive games will be the focus of the future, so that all players  in the game have the opportunity to become to work towards world  champion, while providing the audience a high level of entertainment  and different forms of the Guild Wars 2 power leveling game may continue to join the athletics competition.

In addition, occupational balance and to maintain a certain degree of  technical space is still the focus of attention of ArenaNet, two designers design team will continue to accept the response of the  community, and make the “fierce fighting” the most appropriate design.

Future plans

ArenaNet have been many plans ready to join the Cheap GW2 Gold, such as the Observer pattern, you can easily broadcaster and the audience  understand the race progressed, the “fierce battle” Towards a gaming  focus program. Professional player through the game and live to earn  income, and long-term presence Guild Wars 2 Gold, making it one of the  indicators in the gaming community. Other items such as athletic  competition publicity page, the individual and team points, with  special incentives, and are within the scope of the design team, the  designers also interview several times to disclose their continuing to  draw on the experience of modern gaming game, hoping to Guild Wars 2  “to the competitive pinnacle.