Guild Wars 2

You will pick your social class in Guild Wars 2

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Humans have lost their homeland, their security, and their former glory. Even their gods have withdrawn. And yet, the human spirit remains unshaken. These brave defenders of Kryta continue to fight with every ounce of their strength.

When you create your human character, you will pick your social class. Were you raised in high society? Perhaps you come from a hardworking middle-class background. Or did you grow up poor on the mean streets of Divinity’s Reach? As a human, you’ll also select one of the Six Gods as your patron—from Grenth, the god of death, to Lyssa, the goddess of illusions.
When your human character increases in level, they will gain access to a range of special racial skills granted to them by the Six Gods, such as summoning fearsome Hounds of Balthazar or beseeching the healing goddess Dwayna to restore your health.

Your story begins in Queensdale, a lush district of farmlands and rolling hills that lies in the shadow of the great walls of Divinity’s Reach. Here, you will answer the call to adventure and create a new legend in the history of your proud people.

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