Guild Wars 2

The warrior is a master of the use of weapons

The warrior is a master of the use of weapons, survivors they rely on speed, strength, tough and heavy armor on the battlefield. Anger provide them with offensive forces insist – When the soldiers in the battle longer, they become more dangerous.

Every successful hit will increase the anger of the soldiers. The soldiers can consume part of anger to release a devastating outbreak of attacks. Anger accumulated higher, the greater the power of the outbreak of attacks.Cheap GW2 Gold.

Warrior skills
Compared to other professions in the game, the soldiers can use a wider variety of weapons, and he also has a unique set of skills. Here is the warrior’s two classic types of skills:

These special skills can temporarily enhance the combat capability of the soldiers. For example, “Berserker Stance” allow soldiers to recover in a short period of time passive anger.Guild Wars 2 Gold.

Battle Flag
Soldiers can summon battle flag to enhance the offensive capability of the comrade-in-arms. Such as “forces battle flag the damage output capacity can increase the effective range comrade-in-arms. The soldiers carry the inserted under the banner of sustained combat.