Guild Wars 2

To earn a fortunate in Guild Wars 2 through the Black Lion Trading Company

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If you saw my last post, I am on a crusade to earn a fortunate in Guild Wars 2 through the Black Lion Trading Company.  In these diary entries and armed with 1 gold, I’m going to see just how far I can get wheeling and dealing and in our newly named column, will be showing you just how to do the same. Please note that all prices are based on the time of writing and are subject to change based on market fluctuations.

It’s difficult to know where to begin when tackling the Trading Post.  The supply from players is currently enormous and with certain products the market is simply saturated here’s looking at you copper ore so my first thought, to earn a little financial boost, was to take a trip to Blazeridge Steppes.

Gold and Iron is in high demand at the moment from people leveling their tradeskills through the 200  barrier and I know, having taken a trip round the zone in the past, that it is absolutely littered with deposits just waiting to be harvested. With scepter in hand and my interactive map, a single run around the zone took me about 35 minutes when using some Waypoints.  After harvesting, I had a total of:96 Gold Ore;192 Iron Ore.

At the time of writing, Gold Ore is selling for around 33c per piece (on Buy Offers) with Iron Ore around 8c. Selling all of it to Buy Offers (I’m really not one to wait around for a marginally higher sale) and after listing deductions, I received a total of 40s 64c. Not bad for a few minutes work.

While on my travels, I came across a Large Skull.  As a rare item and one I’d never come across, I noticed it was selling relatively cheaply on the Trading Post at 3s 04c.  Taking a chance, I decided to buy 25 for a total of 76s having found on guildhead that they are integral to some rather fancy weapons.

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