Guild Wars 2

So that each member of your party can participate in Guild Wars 2

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If you’ve seen our Wintersday Event Schedule today is the day where Tixx’s giant Golem airship visits Divinities Reach. Here, next to Dwayna Waypoint, you’ll be able to enter his airship and take part in the Wintersday event. It should be noted that your character will be boosted to level 80 when you enter while it’s well worth finding a full party of 5 before starting as it can be difficult to solo. There are a total of 6 steps inside the airship that you’ll need to complete.

When you enter Tixx’s Infiniarium, you’ll be teleported to the workshop. Once inside and similar to yesterday, don’t use the teleporter in front of you, but instead jump off the side into the snow below. Here you’ll find a large oval area filled with toy houses, trees and fencing. In and around the open area is  a series of plant food.  Similarly to yesterday’s event at Divinities Reach, simply collect the Plant Food rather than presents and deliver it back to the orange bucket.

The flower turrets will spawn randomly around the map and simply need to be killed.  They deal very little damage but are joined by Malfunctioning Toy Ventari who are intending on killing you.The same as yesterday, once you’ve collected all fifteen planet, your next task is to collect a Plasma Paint Cannon from just underneath the Waypoint.

There are five in total so that each member of your party can participate. All you then need to do is locate the Unpainted Princess Dolls and hit them with the only weapon skill.  This task is a little like cat and mouse and it is rather tedious locating all 40 as the Unpainted Dolls run around the area in random patterns. A useful way of locating them is to hold down Left-ALT to reveal friendly units, but be sure to avoid the still-roaming Skritt.

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