Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is interesting if you continue

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The most I had on me at one time was 3, i’m not sure if you can obtain more. Young karka’s are slightly larger but didn’t put up too much threat to my level 80 Mesmer. The Real baddies though are the Veteran karka.The veterans have strong leg armor that they gain as they grow up from younglings. This armor essentially gives them 2 health bars. As the first bar depletes you’ll see the leg armor chip away actually deteriorate.

Once that health bar drops, it will refill and you’ll be left fighting a now naked, armorless, veteran karka. These fights can be very difficult, as the veterans have very strong aoe and roll attacks.Fighting through those things, It appears most of the events in this zone consist of fending off local fauna or helping the consortium build their island paradise. I followed the main karkas chain some, but did not get a chance to play it through to the end, it appears that part of the map was barred off.

I’m told it’s spectacular and very climatic however.As far as gathering nodes, this zone should work well for high level players. The only plants I saw to gather were pisaflora that dropped passion fruit, a level 50 crafting mat. I can confirm there is orichalcum and ancient wood present on the map as well, so level 400 crafting mats are present.

Time will tell if this can relieve some of the pressure from Orr as the go to spot for level 80 players. My brief time there seems to indicate the zone has enough going on, and is simply stunning, to fulfill that need. Not to mention the enemy variety is fantastic, since as more than one commentator has mentioned: risen are getting a bit old, and the cove seems like a great vacation.

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