Guild Wars 2

That way you can quickly run up the staircase in Guild Wars 2

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As the second environmental encounter in the fractal (the first being the platforming) you’ll find a staircase, after defeating the Champions, which provides the only access to the upper levels.  Sadly the staircase is being blocked by a series of electrical pulses that flow down the stairs in a random pattern.

If you touch any of these electrical beams you will be downed and teleported instantly to the foot of the stairs. At the top of the staircase are three control panels which need to be activated in order to turn off the electrical beams.  When activating the control panels, you will be immobilised for several seconds, leading many to believe that you have to have 3 members of your party interact with each panel.

However, if you have skills which remove immobilise, you can have just 1 person activate them all.  If you cannot do this, it’s best to equip skills which make you immune to damage such as an Engineers Elixir S or an Elementalists Mist Form.  That way you can quickly run up the staircase without fear of the beams harming you, before shutting off the power.

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