Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 offers some mini games to offer an entertaining diversion

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Forget namby-pamby games like football and focus instead upon the most brutal Guild Wars 2 mini-game played upon a real frozen tundra – Keg Brawl! Guild Wars 2 offers some mini-games to offer an entertaining diversion. One of the mini-games that will most likely be extremely popular will be Keg Brawl. This crazy, violent game pits two teams of five players against each other while kegs of ale serve as the scoring object.

Keg Brawl is a fine example of the bundle system in Guild Wars 2 where your normal hotbar actions are replaced with new abilities. Keg Brawl is played between two teams of five players. Kegs will appear in the center of the playing area, and there can be more than one keg. The goal is to grab the keg and carry it back to your ale collector, which results in a point. The first team to 11 points is the winner or until time runs out. Each player gets abilities to play the game, but the abilities vary by whether you’re carrying the keg or not.

If you’re not carrying the keg, you get the Swiftness boon. This means that if you’re carrying the keg, everybody else is moving faster than you. If you’re not carrying the keg, you gain the following abilities:If your team has the keg, you goal is to prevent the other team’s players from hitting your keg carrier and getting the keg.

Your main job is to run interference for your keg carrier. If the other team has the keg, then your obvious goal is to stop them from scoring by getting the keg. You can make the opposing team drop the keg by hitting the carrier or intercepting the keg if they’re throwing it.When you pick up the keg, then your abilities change and you no longer have the Swiftness boon.

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