Guild Wars 2

The player is rewarded with a cinematic cutscene in Guild Wars 2

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When a player interacts with the vista by hitting [F] when adjacent to the scroll, the player is rewarded with a cinematic cutscene that shows the surrounding area. These cutscenes have lush graphics that are definitely pleasing to the eye. Some vistas can easily interacted with by simply walking up to them, whilst others require a jumping puzzle to reach them.Besides the eye-candy of the cutscene itself, there are definite rewards for finding and interacting with vistas.

The vista found in Bandithaunt Caverns in Queensdale is the most difficult one to reach. While there is no jumping puzzle involved to reach the vista, there are a lot of bandits defending the area, including a bandit lieutenant that requires a group to kill. Once you’ve dealt with all the bandits, then you can safely interact with the vista.

The vista in Queensdale is found at Altar’s Windings, which is on the far west of the zone. This one requires no special effort to reach except for the occasional combat with harpies as you run up the hill to reach it. This vista is a convenient spot to start from to reach the skill challenge location on the south end of Pinion Trail by heading north through the cave.

The vista found at Clayent Falls is on top of a house on the east side of the lake. To reach the vista, you’ll have to jump up the boxes stacked on the side of the house onto one of the wooden beams sticking out of the side of the house. From the top beam, jump onto the roof and you’ll then be able to view the vista.

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