Guild Wars 2

The Heavy Gunner is incredibly slow to move when its weapon is drawn in Guild Wars 2

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The Heavy Gunner is the equivalent of Team Fortress 2’s and is capable of soaking up a large amount of damage but similarly to TF2’s counterpart, is incredibly slow to move when its weapon is drawn.

While you have your weapon drawn, your character will move at walking pace which makes combat feel incredibly sluggish. Luckily you can stow your weapon away while moving from point-to-point removing some of the burden. Unlike the other professions the Heavy Gunner will heal himself when his weapon is drawn.

Fire Snowball: A standard auto attack available for all professions which has a range of 1000.

Powder Spray: A short range conal attack that hits all enemies in front of the Heavy for moderate damage.

Jump Shot: Identical to the Engineers rifle skill, this ground targeted attack allows you to leap a great distance and plummet down on your foes below. It hits hard and is capable of dealing AoE damage to those around you.

Overcharged Shot: Providing a ground targeted knockback, Overcharged Shot sends a huge ice boulder towards the enemy and will impact anyone it hits.

Defensive Bubble: Similar to a guardians, the Defensive Bubble does just what it says on the tin: it stops projectiles for you and your team mates. Be careful when you choose to use it however as it has a long cooldown.

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