Guild Wars 2

Spirit weapons are weapons with minds of their own in Guild Wars 2.

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Guardians can summon spirit weapons that fight alongside them and can be used to activate their special ability sacrificing the weapon in turn. Another interesting quirk – they’re immune to all damage and are not targetable, both a great thing (they can’t be killed) and a trade-off (they cannot hold aggro).

A pure and simple weapon, the Sword of Justice is designed only to attack. Passively it will assault your target and when activated it will destroy itself at its location for a large AoE attack. The sword’s strikes seem to deal damage in a 180 degree arc around itself, effectively making it a very good AoE weapon. The AoE range also seems to be greater than the hammer.

The sword’s activation deals damage to all enemies around it. When activated, the damage centers around the sword’s current location so you’ll want to make sure it’s within range of an enemy when activated. Personally I find that you shouldn’t activate it unless you need immediate burst damage or you have Eternal Spirit.

Spirit weapons cannot be destroyed and will remain even while you’re downed.The cooldown starts after the weapon is either consumed or expires.Eternal Spirit can let you get off more than one activation during the lifetime of the weapon. Improved Spirit Weapon Duration increases a 20 second duration to 30 seconds, giving you ample time to use the activated abilities.

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