Guild Wars 2

This is the key mobility skill for an elementalist in Guild Wars 2

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This is the key mobility skill for an elementalist and there are a few things you need to know. First, it goes only in a straight line, so do not use it when there are obstacles that you can get caught on. Second, it aims for enemies and will stop when it reaches one, so make sure there are no enemies in front of you unless you want to get face to face.

Below is a map showing the distance you can cover. You can use it to determine the distance that you’ll travel forward. It starts at the lost dot and ends where the character is currently located.To kite, you need to cripple, chill, or immobilize. This is primarily featured on the Staff with Unsteady Ground and Frozen Ground.

Apply either or and then begin circling the enemy, keeping your distance. Staff air provides Gust for a knock back (returning distance between you and the enemy) and Static Field which can stun enemies walking through it. With a focus you can use Freezing Gust to chill enemies. Double daggers are designed for close quarters combat, so it’s limited on its crowd control, but does contain a knockdown.

Your goal, in each fight, is to bring distance. Snaring the enemy is a great start and you can use dodge rolls to avoid an attack and build distance while the enemy is recovering. Most weapons contain their own distance gaining ability, like Updraft and Burning Retreat that you can use to recover distance if you lose it.

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