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The new test version of the invitation is true in the Elder Scrolls

ESO power leveling
ESO power leveling

Today, we’re sending out more beta invites for an ESO scale test. If you receive an invite, there will be an extra beta code included that you can give to a friend to join you in Tamriel! The studio noted that the NDA will not be in effect for this weekend’s test, meaning that any public discussion, screenshots, or videos are fair game.

Please be aware that there are numerous websites falsely claiming to have access to ESO beta content. Some of these sites may claim to have leaked data files or a limited number of beta keys available as a way to convince you to act immediately. The majority of these sites require you to submit personal information or download a file. While the offers may appear legitimate, we can assure you they are not. Please be careful when visiting or providing information to such sites because doing so may compromise your own privacy as well as the security of your computer.

We make every possible effort to identify and report these fraudulent sites as soon as we become aware of them. That said, if you come across a suspicious ESO beta offer, feel free to notify our support team. Additionally, if you have received an invitation to participate in the ESO beta, but the e-mail address it came from is not, please refrain from opening the e-mail or downloading any content it contains. To learn more: !