The Elder Scrolls Online

Players can yourself choose Elder Scrolls online birthplace

eso gold
eso gold

The Elder Scrolls Online open beta testing it has been a period of time, there are plenty of technical issues to developers Bethesda very headache, in dealing with all kinds of bugs at The same time, they also didn’t forget to improve The game content.

Elderscrolls4gold Online Studios may also for the Elder Scrolls Online beta test layer has the technical problem, but they also ensure to improve the game content. Some information according to a recent update will be on sale in a month ago to see a lot of changes to your game.

The most striking is joined in this update birthplace selected area. Although the players expressed surprise, but I think nobody will be willing to try and experience of a lengthy tutorial again, and the “old players” in the beta testing should already be familiar with various birthplace, also know where I can hit more ESO Gold or equipment ESO props!

Want to skip the birth are actually very simple, think i need to talk to NPCS, don’t need you to how much or how, but you can always come back after skipping birthplace, complete no achievement. More Cheap Elder Scrolls gold you want is click here!