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FIFA 15 Has Leaked ahead of schedule by Orlando City’s new away jersey

After unveiling Orlando City’s first home jersey for Major League Soccer earlier this month, club President Phil Rawlins told reporters that the team would not  follow up with the away kit until MLS “Jersey Week” prior to the start of the 2015 season in March.Well, it’s not March but Orlando City’s away jersey seems to have been released much earlier than expected.Actually look what I got now in

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EA Sports, the massive video-gaming company, released an update for the FIFA 15 on Tuesday that finally added Orlando City and New York City FC into the game. Although they will not be playable teams for the foreseeable future, gamers will be able to “purchase” Orlando city gear in the Ultimate Team shop — the items include the team crest, and both the home and away jersey, which EA added before Orlando was able to unveil it.

These jerseys cards were leaked on the web a couple of days ago, and NYCFC has since responded by officially revealing their away jerseys, themselves — side note: their away city is far better than the Manchester City spin-off released last week.If we’re going off of the fact that NYCFC has confirmed their leaked jersey, I can easily say that Orlando City did another great job with there away kit.

It’s simply an inverse of the home jersey — all white with purple trimming and the subtle horizontal lines across the front. The home jersey, as you might remember, is all purple with a white and gold trim and subtle horizontal stripes across the front.