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Keep on disconnecting from your PSN profile to get rid of the bug

‘FIFA 15’ may be one of the awaited sports games from Electronic Arts, but that does not mean that it is not without bugs and problems. If anything, ‘FIFA 15’ was spotted with quite a number of them that make fans wonder whether or not the game was handled with proper quality assurance before release. Some of those listed below were spotted by a number of sources and fans, and these are just some of the bigger bugs in the game.

Running Centerfield

On a lighter note, a bug that’s more hilarious than frustrating has been plaguing ‘FIFA 15’ PC players. As seen in the video below, the bug causes all the players in the field to run to the center in an attempt to obtain the ball.

Perhaps what’s even funnier is the fact that even the goalie is in the field instead of keeping his post by the net. The fact that there was no one to guard the ball at the end makes it even funnier. One way to spot the bug is the lack of sound when the scene is playing out, as seen in the video.While there is no permanent fix yet, Digital Spy reports that EA has suggested a bunch of fixes like playing with a keyboard and mouse for controls, disabling Origin or opting for repair game on Origin.

Segment Next has featured quite a number of bugs and issues for FIFA 15 coins But in the list, the most notable one is on the inability to access the ‘FIFA 15’ Ultimate Te.

It appears that given the connectivity and online issues that the title is experiencing, patience may be one way to resolve this, as the report does say that there are some who have resolved this issue with better access to a more stable connection. But with the servers lightening in their load, this may be bound to get resolved soon.

PS4 Lag Complaints

Those who are playing FIFA 15 coins on the PS4 may have encountered some server problems, happening mainly when the game connects to the servers from EA Sports. According to Gamereactor, this is marked by a lag that renders the game unplayable, even when you are just in the offline mode and menus.

What’s worse is that the PS4 lag bug has already been spotted way back in the demo version of buy cheapest FIFA 15 coins and it has already been brought by the fans to EA’s attention. The report even adds that this lag issue with the PS4 version is not just limited to ‘FIFA 15’, but has also been spotted for ‘NHL 15.’

Until now, there are no fixes released by EA to date. Players will have to wait until then to play anything online, as you will need to keep on disconnecting from your PSN profile to get rid of the bug.