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Some advantages of coming FIFA 16

EA Sports launched it’s first FIFA video game in 1993, which was the first football simulation game and created a new video game era, FIFA upgraded every year since it’s born. Now we plays FIFA 15, which become a popular football game all over the world, and FIFA 16 will come out in the near future.

Nevertheless, as fun as FIFA is to play, it’s not without its faults. “What can make FIFA 2016 greater than its predecessors?” you ask. Well these are some of our thoughts on the subject matter:

Better Graphics

No doubt FIFA 15 looks great on the next-gen consoles but it still feels like something is missing. When you compare FIFA with other PS4 and Xbox One titles, you get the feeling that not as much effort was put into graphic fidelity. Better skin material and smoother looking models are some of the things that stand out. The hair system also feels like it’s from the last generation of consoles. Other than that the new stadiums and match day presentations look amazing. Taking advantage of the new DX11 graphics API can quickly solve this problem. Using Tessellation can smooth out models and you can use the new SSS shaders for a more realistic look.

Some advantages of coming FIFA 16

Goalkeeper AI

Developers improved FIFA 15 goalkeeper animations but they forgot to improve the artificial intelligence. Sometimes it can be quite disappointing when long range shots seem to wiz past the keeper and into the back of the net. There are even some one-on-one situations where you feel like the keeper should have done better. Improving the goalkeeper AI would be a great addition for FIFA 16.

Online Multiplayer

The FIFA 15 launch was plagued by online lagging issues and it’s even worse on the PC version compared to the console version. When they release the new FIFA 16 we hope they use dedicated servers to help with the lagging. Online mulitplayer is increasing in popularity year-on-year, with scope to add many new features. In fact, popularity is growing so much that professional tournaments are being held online which can be viewed on sites such as Eventually, there may be enough interest for betting site such as to create a market for these tournaments.

Micro Stuttering and Bugs

PC gamers have a right to feel aggrieved because most games are console ports. Console port games tend to be buggy and FIFA 15 isn’t exempt from this problem. FIFA 15 for the PC had a specific bug where all players wanted to run into the middle of the field. Most probably FIFA 16 will be a console port, but they should optimise the game better to work with graphics card drivers, so as to eliminate micro stuttering and other bugs.

Some advantages of coming FIFA 16

End-To-End Game Play

FIFA 14 was defence oriented, whilst FIFA 15 is more forward based. This means that games all look like end-to-end encounters, which has removed the realistic nature of previous FIFA titles. The reason we play FIFA is that the gameplay is one of the closest things to realism. In FIFA 16 they should carefully balance the two.

In a word, FIFA 16 will be greater than FIFA 15, players will have better game experience, the games are not only going to look better and better but they will have a more authentic feel. Just waiting patiently!