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There are always some issues on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Do you really know what is FIFA 15? If not, you are out actually! FIFA 15 is one of the most popular video football game on the app store, which have a lotr of fans and they expected to be a really high quality game with perfect game experience. But there are always some issues on Ultimate Team mode, you can’t even buy some FIFA 15 Coins when servers down.

EA Sports has released some pretty good titles in the past, but this one seemed rushed and far below the standard of previous releases. It’s not a bad game by any means, but it’s plagued by various issues and bugs that involve a wide array of problems. Those who haven’t experienced any difficulties report that the game is really good, but they’re the minority in this situation, unfortunately. If you take five minutes of your time to read the comments on the official Google Play page of the app, then you’ll see a glimpse of what problems users have been experiencing. Everything from issues in contacting the server, to problems logging in, and plenty more bugs are being reported. While the game has received a few updates already, they haven’t done much to fix those errors, and users are still consistently reporting the same errors, mostly related to the game’s connectivity.

Ultimate Team, some issues

Game companies should take note: permanent connectivity should never be a requirement to playing a game. Not only does this drain your battery much faster and render the game unplayable if you have no connection, but it also creates many other problems. There are a lot of players who have installed the game, so EA Sports has a big burden on their shoulders if they continue doing nothing to fix it. They need to take action and release a big patch which addresses all these issues, because clearly, the game is sub-standard with these connectivity problems in it. Here’s what one user has to say about these issues:

Disappointed is one way to say it, just in case anyone who develops this game actually reads these reviews I would have made it a 5 star rating, however the servers crash or the ‘unable to connect to the server’ message comes up. What was most annoying is I spent a good week or too racking up my money and player skill. Trophies for cups I had won only to come to it after putting my son to bed, to yet again get the server issue message, when it eventually connected it had wiped all of my progress and I now have to start from ground up with it allowing me to choose my starting squad again.

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