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Come and join the FIWC 2015

Do you think that you are the best EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 gamers in the world? If your answer is “yes”, come and join the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015, which wille be held in the England, France and Germany. The winner of each live event will get a ticket of the 2015 Grand Final which will be held in Munich. What are you waiting for, just join us!

Pre-qualification for live events: In order to compete in a live qualification event you first have to make it through an online pre-qualifier stage. All online pre-qualifiers and live qualification events will be played on the PlayStation®4 and ES SPORTS™ FIFA 15.

Who can participate in pre-qualification? You must hold a passport, or be a resident, of the nation hosting the live qualification event.

How do the online pre-qualifiers work? Players from France, Germany and the United Kingdom can register for their country’s online pre-qualifiers. Registration will be based on a first come, first served basis and seats are limited so make sure that you’re prepared for the registration windows! There will be two online pre-qualifiers for each live event host country. Each online pre-qualifier will be limited to 1,024 players. Eligible gamers are allowed to compete in both online pre-qualifiers, giving you two chances to try and qualify for you country’s live event!

FIWC 2015, FIFA 15

Online pre-qualification dates:

14 February: UK Pre-Qualifier 1 and Germany Pre-Qualifier 1
21 February: UK Pre-Qualifier 2 and France Pre-Qualifier 1
28 February: France Pre-Qualifier 2 and Germany Pre-Qualifier 2

Where do I register? Visit the for detailed information on the tournament formats and registration times for the online pre-qualifiers and live qualifier events in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Surviving the online pre-qualifiers: The top four players from Online Pre-Qualifier 1 in France, German and the UK will receive a place at their nation’s live qualification event. The top 3 players from each country’s Online Pre-Qualifier 2 will also receive a place at the corresponding live event.

Live Events: France, Germany and the United Kingdom will each host a Live Qualification Event. At each event, the seven pre-qualified players will be joined by a national wildcard to compete for a ticket to the Grand Final. All matches will be knockout matches and each live event winner will have secured a seat in Munich for the FIWC 2015 Grand Final!