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This Summer: Copa America, Gold Cup & FIFA World Cup Tournaments

It will be a crazy Summer to all the football fans because of the coming of the top eight biggest soccer tournaments in the world in 2015, including the biggest competitions from different countries and continent. You can see the schedules on

The three big soccer events taking place this summer consist of the FIFA World Cup, the Copa America and the Gold Cup.

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Copa America

South America’s governing soccer confederation is CONMEBOL, and once every two to four years it has the Copa America tournament. This year’s Copa America features the top 10 South American nations as well as Jamaica and Mexico. Uruguay won the last Copa America in 2011, and they are the most successful South American nation with 15 Copa America titles. Argentina has the second most ever with 14. The Copa America is the oldest soccer continental championship dating back to 1916.
Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are the three big favorites heading into this year’s Copa America. Brazil and Argentina feature some of the best soccer players in the world such as Neymar, Thiago Silva, Lionel Messi, Maxi Pereira and Luis Suarez. Uruguay hasn’t won a FIFA World Cup since 1950, but they know how to win on South American soil. As for the Barcelona superstar, Messi has never been able to win the Copa America. Winning this event would make him a legend in Argentina, as if he wasn’t already.

Gold Cup

Just one month after South America hosts their biggest soccer tournament, North America will play theirs, the Gold Cup. The Gold Cup is held by the CONCACAF confederation and will feature 12 teams this year. Not only is Mexico competing in the Copa America, but they will also be playing in the Gold Cup as well. Mexico has won a record six Gold Cups, while the United States has won five. Mexico and the United States have absolutely dominated this tournament, winning 11 of the 12 events held.
This year Mexico and the United States will once again be the favorites. Other notable competing nations include Honduras, Canada, Panama and Costa Rica. The Gold Cup is the youngest of the six continental tournaments, but it has been exciting since it’s opening in 1991.

FIFA World Cup

Germany showed the world that they have the best male soccer players with a World Cup victory in Brazil in 2014. But, the females still have their say. In the 2011 World Cup, Japan stunned everyone with a victory over the United States via penalty shots. Germany and the United states each have the most World Cup victories ever with two. The Women’s World Cup may not get nearly as high ratings as the men, but we see a lot more parity, balance and upsets with the women.

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United States goalkeeper Hope Solo has been under a lot of scrutiny lately, and her status for the World Cup is uncertain. According to multiple reports, Solo may be left off the team because of her constant off the field issues. This year’s World Cup will feature 24 teams from every continent around the world. The Mexican National Team will be competing in this event as well.

It will be a unforgettable Summer, we can enjoy so much wonderful football match. which will bring us a lot of happy actually!