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Albion Online: Beta Phase 2 And Darian

Albion Online news update, for the Sandbox Interactive and the Sandbox MMORPG, both heads straight to the end of the first closed Beta Phase. In addition to this, for forthcoming content patch Darian, before the first big wipe and the start of Beta Phase 2, it will be the last major update. Don’t missing cheapest albion gold.


While Darian will bring a lot of improvements to the game the Beta Phase 2 will include a complete new world with new biomes and completely overhauled level designs. Those upcoming steps in combination with the recently updated monsters will “again” change the Albion drastically not only in terms of visual effects.

Update to the Monsters – Morgana Faction

Most of the PvE enemies in Albion Online were already overhauled in the last month – the last big NPC faction – Morgana’s Army. Those changes will make sure that PvE in Albion Online will be much more challenging including position and movement instead of a simple hit and run / tank and spank combat like you might know it from the beginning of the first Beta Phase. Now that you are certainly eager to buy cheap albion silver.

New Skills

One of the things that will be most likely changed between Darian and Beta Phase 2 are the new skills. Currently Sandbox Interactive tries to increase the variety of skills to offer the players more and improved tactical choices. With those new skills mobility and position may become even more important than they are already in the current version of the game.

Content Update Darian

Darian will be the last major update before the Beta Phase 1 Wipe and it will not only include “final” changes like the Study System but the Developers also want to use this chance to test out a few things before everybody starts from scratch again.

Due to come with the rework of the Morgana Fanction, a new type of reward system will be introduced to the game. All enemies from the Morgana Faction, they will be able to drop rare pieces of furniture in a similar design to the actual NPCs dungeon / camps. More Albion Online Update news, and you can head over to: