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Albion Online: Now It Has Reached 60,000 In Closed Beta

By testing the game’s period, and two weeks into game’s closed Beta testing period, according to the Sandbox Interactive. it confirmed that Albion Online now has over 60,000 backing Founders. as the backers, the founders in the partly crowd-funed development, what’s more, founders packs giving access to the closed Beta as well as various other in-game perks. You have chance to get cheap albion gold.


Christian Ziegert, Head of Operations at Sandbox Interactive, spoke today of his pride at the support their game has received from its Founders so far:

It is an amazing feeling to reach this milestone and have so many people enjoying your fruits of labor. We are grateful for all the support of our Founders and we will continue working closely with our community to keep improving Albion Online further.

It’s worth mentioning that the MMO developers have been put together infographics detailing the major statistics as well as rankings from the first two weeks of this Beta testing period, more latest Albion Online news, and you can keep it right here on: