Mu Legend

Nearly All Gamers Can’t Resist The Temptation Of Mu Legend

Mu Legend combines both the elements of MOBA and MMORPG, which make it a better gameplay. As we know already, Mu Legend introduces four new classes: War Mage, Dark Lord, Whisperer, and Blader. All classes have various abilities and skills that allow for some really creative hybrid builds.

Additionally, MU Legend offers two types of PvP arena battles: 1v1 and 10v10. Also, there is a separate mode for guild battles. So exhilarating gameplay, any gamers can’t resist its temptation, including you and me, it’s time to buy Mu Legend Zen, and then let’s enjoy so funny gameplay.

The game allows the gamers to skip quest/cutscene events that aren’t core storyline, but forces players to watch storyline events. Need to be able to skip everything. This can be a big problem when you’re talking with a player and somebody else whispers you during the middle of the conversation. Some gamers tend to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling so that the game reach a new level.

You can receive duel requests from other players while in combat, which can interfere with things. Storage containers are quite a distance from merchants that dismantle, requiring players to run all over town to deposit and manage their materials. More useful guides and tricks, and U4GM will introduces more to you: