World of Wracraft

How to Making WOW Classic Gold with Quest, Nerfed , Sets

Everyone that plays WoW wants to know how to make gold and lots of it! We are going to give you insider secrets on how to make TONS of gold really fast! Here U4GM WOW Classic Gold Share How to Making WOW Classic Gold – Quest & Nerfed & Sets.

Quest Items

Another great way to make gold is with quest items. Any quest items that do not bind on pickup, you can go get and then sell to other players who need them. There are quests that require you to get many pages of a document and it can be very time consuming to collect these. Or someone may be missing only one or two pieces and they are tired of looking for it and will just buy it from you if you have it.
This is a great way to get wow classic gold us. You can also make money from your services. For example, guiding people on quests or helping them complete it by fighting, healing, etc will earn you some dough from many people. You can help lower-level characters. You can also run through lower level instances just to collect the loot and make money. This works when helping other people with quests as well, as long as you are polite about picking things up.

Nerfed Items

When an item is nerfed, it is removed from the game and no longer becomes available from drops, etc. However, Blizzard will not take it away from people that already have it. People will pay very good money for items that have been nerfed. Keep this in mind and also stay up to date on all the latest updates and mods from Blizzard so you know what is going on.


As you may know, there are many items that come in sets. These items increase in value when they are part of the complete set. If you can take some time gathering a whole set or even key pieces to a set, you can sell them for a lot of money. Always keep an eye out for sets even if they are part of an armor type you can not wear yourself.