Escape from Tarkov

Why is Escape from Tarkov popular with players?

Online shooters won’t stop mutating into weird new genres. First came survival shooters like DayZ and H1Z1, then came the battle royales that took the tension of open combat and distilled it into something more consistently fun.

Speaking of first-person shooting games, people often think of PUBG. After all, this game has been popular for several years, and various events are also very popular. But with the rise of Escape from Tarkov, it has attracted more and more players. It has reunited all the predatory, shooting, and chaos, where bad decisions (or bad luck) can mean losing gear that I spent hours working towards .

Why did Escape from Tarkov get so much attention in a competitive shooting game? After collecting and collating some data, we summarize the following reasons:

1. more real
The reason why PUBG was hot at first was the high degree of game reduction, especially the shooting feel, the irresistible recoil, and the very good game picture quality, which has won a lot of praise from players. However, Escape from Tarkov surpassed PBUG with a more realistic battle. In the game, the gun will get stuck when firing, and it will be fired once when you hit the bullet. When you are hit by your opponent, you will fire again. It will be found that the recoil of the firearm is greater. When you are hit in the leg, your movement speed will be affected. This setting makes your gaming experience more realistic.

2.Lower configuration requirements
PUBG’s exquisite graphics have high requirements for graphics cards. Many players’ computer graphics cards cannot meet them. Escape from Tarkov is obviously more friendly. It does not require such a high graphics card and configuration to still run the game fluently, and there are relatively few BUG .

3. Update of game mode
PUBG has always been a battle royale mode, where everyone fights together and eliminates opponents throughout the map. But after a long time, the fatigue of this mode became apparent, which caused some players to quit the game. The Escape from Tarkov mode allows you to collect Escape from Tarkov Items on the map, which can be taken out to satisfy your collection hobby. The unknown danger also makes this game more exciting. This is not to say that this mode is better than the Battle Royale mode, but in this period of time, people still prefer Escape from Tarkov. This should be the most critical point.

Although this is only a brief summary, it does not prevent people from liking it. When a game mode makes players tired, there will always be new games that can renew the passion of players.