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How do players evaluate the third stage of Classic WOW?

It has been about a month since Classic WOW entered the second stage. U4gm has received the news; Blizzard announced that the honor system has caused a considerable amount of World PvP in the PvP field, and said in the forum post that the community’s response to the honor system prompted them PVE content previously released two battlefields. It seems that in most cases, people are happy to study PVP earlier if it is to do something to the maximum.

Blizzard said it would no longer follow the original schedule. It will open Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch on December 10, while Blackwing Lair and Darkmoon Circus will be available in early 2020.

Through data collection, U4gm found that players’ attitudes towards this matter seem different from those announced by Blizzard. Some players think that Dire Maul and world PVP is going to get boring quick. Phase 3 should release by December. Nothing would be better than playing bags over the holiday season.

Some players also think that classic has gotten boring quick exactly because blizzard intended it that way. Layer abuse, privileges granted to streamers, multi-box, botting. It killed the classic exp. A complete server wipe would solve everything, but they would piss off all their retail players. Also, for good measure… p2 p3 up top p6 people will do their very best to overpower it and complain because they don’t have anything else to do but complain. Classic is bound to become new retail if people don’t learn to be patient.

Blizzard already released Dire Maul early to compete with Fortnite ’s chapter 2. If phase 3 is n’t released during one of the most competitive seasons for games, then wow classic will be dead going into next year.

Blizzard might want to hurry up P3 purely because MC / Ony was so easy, but I doubt it.

This faster way of publishing sets a precedent for how long Blizzard is willing to publish content. The final phase was released on November 12th, while the previous step was released on October 15th. This gives us about monthly updates, so we can expect the full Phase 3 content to release in early January. It is unclear why the time range was chosen. It could be that Blizzard monitors how quickly people are interacting with new things, or it is out of concern that the game loses relevance too quickly. It makes you wonder what will happen once they reach the final stage.

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