Guild Wars 2

As long as the player who has purchased the Guild Wars 2 Gold commodity in advance

As long as the player who has purchased the Guild Wars 2 Gold commodity in advance, he can beat to join this trip MMORPG journey fantasy. There is expected to be hundreds of thousands of the GW2 Gold fans to personally set foot on Tyria mainland.

Players will find that next weekend the guild wars 2 will not follow the old MMO a weary of formulas. Instead, the guild wars 2 will bring a dynamic, sustainable, and never seen before, and has the experience of the real world online community. It is said by ArenaNet.

And in addition to participate in this weekend open beta, ArenaNet says, the GW2 Gold players who has purchased in advance in the game can not only listed, sole virtual game props, still can into the server early in the play, and for better than no ordered players for three days earlier.

The guild wars 2 will open beta in the first weekend in April scheduled 27th to 29th, detailed test message and download information will have to test the public has qualified players that knows.This is a public activities, it also means that you would not be confidentiality agreement constraints. In this activity you can freely screen shots, cut video, release the blog, tweet or write and write the first rock music fans around the world share your Cheap GW2 Gold experience.

You can see, in April 27-29 released weekend test there is a tremendous amount of wonderful content waiting for you. In 60 hours a person not experience to all the content in the test-we haven’t joined o heshbon sura and val! Fortunately, this is not a game before the official launch of the last test.

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