Guild Wars 2

Every attack requires a certain amount of initiative to use in Guild Wars 2

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Every attack requires a certain amount of initiative to use, with the better attacks requiring the most initiative. The most basic attack in the first weapon skill slot for each weapon set does not require any initiative to use so you can use them to your heart’s content. The amount of initiative used in an attack is shown if you mouse over the attack on your hotbar.

Skills that Impact Initiative:A thief begins to accumulate skill points once they reach level 5 and gain one per level thereafter. However, there are so many useful skills that you will want to earn additional points to grab them all. Luckily, Guild Wars 2 offers players the chance to earn additional skill points through the use of skill challenges. Below are the skills that a thief can get that will impact initiative.

Utility Skills:Infiltrator’s Signet – Passive: Regenerates one extra initiative every 10 seconds. Active: Shadowstep to foe;Roll for Initiative – Evade backwards to regain initiative and recover from crippled, chilled, and immobile.

As you can see, there are quite a few skills and traits that impact initiative for the thief. No matter what your playstyle in Guild Wars 2, every thief requires initiative to function at their deadly best. Who wants to use their base attack over and over again?

Nobody, that’s who. I’d rather be flipping over my enemies, causing them lots of damage and to bleed, using my Death Blossom attack with my twin daggers as opposed to using my mundane Double Strike. Fortunately, the skills and traits that impact initiative are varied, so any thief should be able to pump up their initiative regeneration no matter what playstyle they choose to use.

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