Albion online

Albion Online: Beta Was Launched

For Albion Online players, they can explore an open game world, in addition, they can stake their claim on it by siegingm claiming as well as defending territories. An extensive player-driven economy has been offered by the game, challenging guild-versus-guild activities, it have a capable of develop as well as customize real estate, including a unique classless customization system, even more. Albion Online is truly cross-platform persistent game world and can be fully connected. There is no doubt that cheap albion online gold for sale.


By becoming Legendary, Epic or Veteran Founders, players will be able to join the beta this week on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday respectively, ahead of the game’s release.

“In an age where MMO’s are increasingly casual in nature, Albion Online represents our vision of what a true modern MMORPG should be,” says Stefan Wiezorek, Founder and CEO at Sandbox Interactive. “Albion Online combines the classic, challenging gameplay found in classics like Ultima Online, Eve Online and Runescape with the best recent innovations in the genre like classless character customization and cross-platform support.

We are now extremely excited to start the next phase of our development with the start of the Closed Beta, and are eager to get our players’ feedback on all the updates and improvements we have been working on since the end of the last Alpha.”

More than 30,000 Founders has already been collected by Albion Online, they will be able to enjoy the beta for multiple months, more longer than the previous alpha tests. At the same time, Players can register to become a Founder as well as join the beta. In addition, you can aslo access releated official sites to buy cheapest albion online silver.