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Adventure Story: A Rookie In Albion Online Review

Which game is The first true cross-platform sandbox MMO with a medieval setting and sandbox style gameplay, There is no doubt that answer is Albion Online. On different devices such as IOS or Android, Windows, it runs on these different devices at the same time and in the same world. Nowly, it’s extremely significant that you should get cheap albion online gold.


Albion Online features the Crafting & Player Driven Economy, all items and buildings are crafted by the players in the game. You can claim territories or conquer territories from other players, burn down their self-constructed villages. There’s also a PvP & Full Loot system in Albion Online, dying means serious consequences and if you die everything can be taken from you.

Going into CBT, Albion Online attracts many players for its sandbox feature and I’m lucky enough to be one of them. Playing Albion for the first time with no preparations (guides or gameplay videos), I decide to see whether Albion is friendly to a true rookie.

It is a routine work to create avatar, but the image gives a good first impression of the graphics that is not as rough as it in Das Tal. Although it can not reach the standard like Black Desert, it is quite good for a client of less than 1G. When I get into the game I suddenly find myself lost– there is no rookie guide or missions around. And I check every interface and finally discover that I have to unlock by completing achievements in Destinyboard in the bottom.

Everything here need to be unlocked to craft or use, just like in the real world we need to practice to a certain level to master a skill. Then I go to the Middle Camp where I get lost again. The facilities are hard to recognize and I need to click from the map to check the detail of facilities on it. There are the inventory chest , crafting facilities, resources refining facilities, market and stable. Here all services are free, expect for market and repair. Repair needs silver and advanced resources for higher quality gear and the way to get silver is to do missions, trade via market(taxed) and purchase with gold. Meanwhile, you can also collect more cheap albion online silver.

Equipped with basic gears I go out for gathering resources. Normally all kinds of resources are needed and I can only carry less than 2 times of my maximum load. Passing 100% will make you slow in movement, please upgrade your gears related to load(bag and boot) or just carry less. While this time targeting bothers me a lot that I find it really hard to select an enemy or a kind of resource to gather. Even harder is to distinguish resource, which I need to make the gathering action and only then can I see what I am collecting.

Fill my bag with resources I’m heading for the city and I get surrounded with enemies. Unfortunately I die and have to make a choice. Wait a certain long seconds to get up or respawn with everything gone. OK my effort should not go in vain, I wait and get up again, but I’m still in the lowest health and get killed again. After several times I have to give up all my collections and respawn in the city.

Players are more in the city and facilities are more. But they are not free! There is a real estate for players to buy and then they can build facilities for public with taxed service. And the inventory is local which means the resources saved in Middle Camp cannot be used in the city. Before going back to Middle, I find many players riding horse and I start to ask how to get one. Unfortunately, they are gifted in their activation key packages which allows them to buy an island to raise horse and ox, and then they can ride after mature. OK I need a rest to go back naked.

Regarding my journey,and it ends here, when leaving dungeons, at present, it has no discovered about PVP zones as well as PVP contents. Due to I have no place purchased, for my guild, it has less than 10 players, I have no chance to attempt to building as well as housing features. A great world waiting to explore, but, the issues is to go through the hard rookie period. For Albion Online update news and you can keep it right here on: